Welcome To The TrueHealthLabs.com Affiliate Program!

New technology in preventative laboratory testing has made it possible for people to achieve a higher level of health by assessing function rather than solely diagnosing a disease.  

Our goal here at TrueHealthLabs.com is to not only lower the cost of lab tests but to also give people the deep insight they need to recover from health issues. If these are your goals also, then our affiliate program is right for you.

Who would benefit from this affiliate program?

    • Health and wellness coaches- Implementing nutritional testing into your programs is extremely powerful. People respond even better when they see their numbers improve. We even help you interpret the results.
    • Healthcare providers who want to integrate nutrition and functional testing into their practice without the heavy learning curve. We even have a premium option that allow healthcare providers to collaborate with one of our staff doctors.
    • Health Bloggers.
    • Online supplement retailers.
    • Patients who have had testing done on them and have become advocates.
    • Anyone who runs a health related website.

How Does It Work?

What is an affiliate program? In simple terms, you get credit when someone you refer to us orders lab tests.

Our mission is to help create a healthier society. To be accepted as an affiliate, this must also be your mission.

Here's how our affiliate program works:  

  1. If you are accepted as an affiliate, we will be given different options to promote our lab tests (see training instructions).  
  2. Visitors click your promotions on your website, emails,  advertisement banner ect. 
  3. If visitors orders, you get credit! The best part is that you still receive commission even if the customer leaves our site and comes directly back later.

We take care of everything- all customer service questions, processing of order, and sending test results. All you need to do to make a profit is to refer.

Our program even has real-time statistics and reporting for you. Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see your profits.

Payout Details

Fixed commission- You will receive a 8% commission of the total sale. Our average order total is currently $294. Some affiliates average 3-6 sales a day. We also accept self purchases!

Payout- The minimum payout is $100 and will be sent to your personal PayPal account on the 15th of each month. For more details see our terms and conditions.

Ready to join?
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